Trekking Mount Rinjani and reforestation project with you, we care for over a million trees and we’re restoring and rebuilding more resilient forests, acre-by-acre and tree-by-tree.

Reaching the goal we need trekker from all over like you, will help restore damaged Mount Rinjani forests and make them more resilient for the future. Preserving and protecting the trees in our beloved Trekking and forests takes planning, persistence, and people like you who share our commitment to conservation.

Every Mount Rinjani Trekking Packages you follow protects even more trees from threats like wildfires, commercial development, and climate change.


Deforestation is real problem on Lombok Island

The development of tourism activities, land clearing and the use of fossil-fueled transportation are increasingly intense, I do not refer to several references, but as a local community I feel that significant changes have occurred

Trekking can save forest

Mount Rinjani hiking reforestation project package to Mount Rinjani that we provide, one banyan tree seed is included, why is it a banyan tree? because the tree is the mother of trees that can form forests and produce water.

We are not planting trees on mountains like other trekking organizers are doing

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The Ultimate Mount Rinjani Trek Guide: 4 Days, 3 Nights!

Mount rinjani 4 day 3 night trekking to Rinjani Mountain. This bundle is designed for experienced trekker, it is also possible for really beginner participant on Private Package. At mountain itself will be 4 days (day 2-4)

rinjani trekking 3 day 2 night

The Mount Rinjani Trek 3d2n That Is Guaranteed To Amaze: One of the most beautiful hikes in Indonesia!

The Rinjani Conqueror 3 day 2 night is held to explore Rinjani from the east to the west side, climb the peak, pass through the valley between Mount Rinjani and Mount Sangkareang, soak in hot water of Aiq Kalak and run through crystal blue water from Lake Segara Anak and finally climb the slopes of Sangkareang.

rinjani 4d3n

The Insanely Beautiful Mount Rinjani Trek: A Complete Guide to the 2D 1N Senaru Trekking Route

The sangkareang hike is one of the popular hiking on mountain rinjani 2D1N, because leads you to one of the most best place to experience sunrise and sunset on rinjani.

Camping at an altitude of 2641m above sea level with panoramic views of the Rinjani crater and Lake Segra Anak, makes the 2 days 1 night cage package worth trying:

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