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Support local communities and make a difference by joint us on the Mount Rinjani trekking adventure, as hundreds of guides and porters depend on this to sustain their livelihoods.

Rinjani Trekking Guide Nestled in the heart of North Lombok, Indonesia, Mount Rinjani isn’t just a majestic peak it’s a haven for unsung heroes—the porters. These individuals, often overshadowed by the mountain’s greatness, play a pivotal role in supporting trekkers on their tough journey while also driving the local economy. In this article, we explore how Mount Rinjani’s porters have become the backbone of the region’s economic vitality.

A Lifeline for Hundreds:

Every step you take on a Mount Rinjani trek breathes life into the livelihoods of hundreds of guides and porters. For them, this isn’t just a trail it’s a lifeline. These individuals are the unsung champions, ensuring that your trek is not only memorable but also beneficial for the community.

Data from Mount Rinjani National Park reveals that more than 750 individuals proudly serve as guides and porters. Their involvement ripples through the region, breathing life into various sectors. From farmers and fishermen to traders and lodgings, the entire community thrives because of Rinjani’s trekking activity.


Our mission was born from a sense of brotherhood

We create Rinjani Volcano trek is born from a common taste, local feeling, and pay more

Rinjani porter is the most very hard working person in the world. they carry an average load of 30 kg on their shoulders with bamboo sticks.

Their hard work needs to be appreciated, just to meet the needs of life which is increasing day by day, they often exhaust their ability to carry loads in the famously difficult Mount Rinjani terrain.

Many of them when they are old can no longer work and often because of an accident they can’t make a living anymore, that’s why we have a mission to pay more to those who want to work for our trekking company.

Exclusive Offer

hiking and support local live

Joint us on Mount Rinjani Trekking for local and environment sustainable

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