Booking is now necessary for visitors to climb Mount Rinjani as overtourism

Booking is now necessary for visitors to climb Mount Rinjani as overtourism

Due of overtourism and littering, those wishing to climb one of Mount Rinjani famous trails will have to pay a charge and make reservations in advance. This is one of the world’s most famous volcanoes in Indonesia.

Concerns that number of individuals are climbing to the peak and endangering other climbers and terraint are another reason why National Park officials are implementing the additional precautions.

The daily maximum number of climbers who can access the trail is 500. For a price of 150.000 rupiah per person per day (about $100), than be double on weekend, 360 slots will be booked online per day;

the remaining 360 slots can be reserved in person on the next day of the climb.

They are given a QR code to scan at the fifth station after entering their details and the day of the climb.

Authorities added that in order to prevent number of climbers from demage natural resource on mount Rinjani, such us fine tree is many cut by to make walking pole and to stand a tent.

other issue with to many trust from trekking aktivities can’t control by national park ranger. The increasing number of local visitors often creates emotional friction between local visitors and Rinjani workers in Rinjani such as guides and porters.

Mr Edi as the National park head for Mount Rinjani, praised the public for their cooperation and understanding in aiding in the preservation of Mount Rinjani.

Since 2021, since the reopening after the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for climbers who want to visit Mount Rinjani has increased, both from local and foreign visitors.

If you want to climb Rinjani, we highly recommend booking climbing tickets early.

However, many tourists don’t want to book tickets or transfer money to purchase tickets because they are afraid of being scammed.

However, as local people who want to see tourism progress in their own area, you can trust us as a trekking company as a trustworthy trekking agent.

Rinjani summit

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