Rinjani Eco Tour and Reforestation Project Lombok - Indonesia

Rinjani Eco Tour Trekiing & Reforestation Project

Joint our trekking to Mount Rinjani and save tree in Lombok Island-Indonesia




Mount Rinjani Eco tour is one of big travel destination placed in Lombok Island, and become most favorite mountain in Indonesia for trekking

If you are traveling to Indonesia and you love hiking or trekking, mount Rinjani Eco Tour trekking is should be in your bucket list. 

As a local residing beneath the majestic Mount Rinjani National Park, I truly believe in the profound connection with nature that one can feel when they open their mind to realize that nature is alive and eager to communicate with you. This belief is what sparked my initiative, the Mount Rinjani Reforestation Project.

In Hindu teachings, each individual is said to have a ‘dharma,’ a sort of inherent duty that one must fulfill during their time on Earth. For me, I firmly believe that my dharma is to plant as many trees as possible.

Here, amidst the breathtaking landscapes and serene beauty of Mount Rinjani, lies an opportunity for travelers to not only witness the wonders of nature but also to actively participate in its preservation. Join us in this noble cause, where every tree planted is a step towards a greener, more sustainable future. Let’s together make a difference, leaving a legacy of conservation and harmony with our environment.”

What is Rinjani Eco Tour and Reforestation Project

Rinjani Eco tour and Reforestation Project are Engaging in reforestation efforts to restore the once-dominant species of trees, particularly the majestic Banyan tree, known as the ‘mother of trees,’ we begin with seedling cultivation and planting within the Mount Rinjani National Park. This endeavor aims to preserve the forest as a habitat for diverse wildlife to thrive.

To achieve this ambitious goal, we seek support from various individuals, including hikers, tourists, travel enthusiasts, and anyone passionate about preserving forests and addressing global warming issues.

By availing yourself of our Eco-friendly trekking packages, you not only embark on a memorable journey but also become an integral part of conservation efforts. Join us in protecting and nurturing our natural environment for future generations.”

What does our Rinjani Eco Tour climbing package include?

  1. We support for local economy development – We collaborate closely with the local community, where some individuals serve as guides and porters. What you pay directly to our organization flows back to them, enriching their livelihoods. Your arrival is a blessing to the local economy; your journey becomes their prosperity.
  2. We use local food product that generate economy to our small farmer – “Food supplies consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits that we bring for your consumption during the Rinjani trek are sourced directly from local farmers. We prioritize locally sourced produce to ensure freshness and support the community. Your culinary experience will be infused with the vibrant flavors of the region, promising a delightful journey for your taste buds amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Rinjani. We have mission when this project become bigger we will create small team to teach our farmer to more sustainable.
  3. We take great care to minimize the use of plastic in the food packaging we bring on the Rinjani trek – aiming to reduce the impact of plastic pollution that has been a concern in the area. By doing so, we strive to preserve the natural beauty of Rinjani and ensure a cleaner environment for all visitors to enjoy.
  4. We contribute to reforestation by plant number of tree plant by traveler when they are hike.

Every Mount Rinjani Trekking Packages you follow protects even more trees from threats like wildfires, commercial development, and climate change.

Redeem your carbon emissions and your sins when you travel to Lombok, in Indonesia

Rinjani summit

Exploring Mount Rinjani: A Two Day itinerary to Summit

The 2-day, 1-night trek to the summit of Mount Rinjani is more accurately described as trekking rather than hiking. Do you know the difference between hiking and trekking? If you’re seeking a challenging adventure that demands physical endurance but have only two days for trekking, this two-day trek to the summit should be on your list.

Rinjani summit

Full Mount Rinjani Trek 3 day 2 night

The Rinjani Conqueror 3 day 2 night is held to explore Rinjani from the east to the west side, climb the peak, pass through the valley between Mount Rinjani and Mount Sangkareang, soak in hot water of Aiq Kalak and run through crystal blue water from Lake Segara Anak and finally climb the slopes of Sangkareang.

Sembalun starting point

The Ultimate Mount Rinjani Trek Guide: 4 Days, 3 Nights!

Mount rinjani 4 day 3 night trekking to Rinjani Mountain. This bundle is designed for experienced trekker, it is also possible for really beginner participant on Private Package. At mountain itself will be 4 days (day 2-4)

Mount rinjani 2 day sunset view

Mount Rinjani Trekking 2 day 1 night to Senaru crater rim, best sunset spot

popular hiking on mountain rinjani 2 Day 1 Night for beginner, because leads you to one of the most best place to experience sunrise and sunset on rinjani.

Camping at an altitude of 2641m above sea level with panoramic views of the Rinjani crater and Lake Segra Anak.

Which Best Rinjani trekking Company

There is no best company it on your objective, if you want more privacy, comportable, more safe on trek please regard to private treking package, how about if you’re budget and want enjoy, easy going and more connection you can consider take sharing trekking group.

and If you really care about environment, Eco-friendly tour, and carbon footprint during travel you should consider our company

When The Best Time to Climb Mount Rinjani

The best time to climb mount rinjani on summer seasond between April until December, We recommended best hiking on June to September.

Mount Rinjani Difficulty

The difficulty of the Mount Rinjani trek can vary depending on several factors, including your physical fitness, the route you choose, and the weather conditions. Here’s an overview of the typical difficulty levels associated with trekking Mount Rinjani:

1. **Physical Fitness:** The trek to the summit of Mount Rinjani is physically demanding. Hikers are required to be in good physical condition as it involves long hours of walking, steep ascents, and descents. You should have some prior hiking experience and be prepared for the physical challenges of the trek.

2. **Altitude:** The summit of Mount Rinjani stands at approximately 3,726 meters (12,224 feet) above sea level. Altitude sickness can be a concern, and some trekkers may experience symptoms like headaches, nausea, and fatigue. Proper acclimatization is essential to reduce the risk of altitude-related issues.

3. **Weather Conditions:** The weather on Mount Rinjani can be unpredictable, with the possibility of rain, strong winds, and even snow at higher altitudes. Weather conditions can make the trek more challenging and potentially hazardous.

4. **Duration:** The duration of the trek can range from 2 to 4 days, depending on the route chosen. Longer treks tend to be less strenuous as they allow for more gradual ascent and better acclimatization.

5. **Route Options:** There are two primary routes to the summit of Mount Rinjani: the Sembalun route and the Senaru route. The Sembalun route is generally considered less challenging, while the Senaru route is steeper but offers a more direct path to the summit.

6. **Guided Tours:** Many trekkers opt to go with guided tours, which provide support, including porters to carry equipment and food. Guided tours can make the trek more manageable for those with limited hiking experience.

7. **Camping:** Trekking Mount Rinjani typically involves camping on the mountain. The quality of camping equipment and facilities can affect your comfort during the hike.

In summary, the difficulty of trekking Mount Rinjani can be high due to the challenging terrain, high altitude, and potentially adverse weather conditions. It’s essential to be physically prepared, acclimatize properly, and consider route options and guided tours to make the experience more manageable. Safety should always be a top priority, and you should be aware of your own limitations and those of your fellow trekkers.

Mount Rinjani Hike Price

Rinjani trekking packages start from USD 170 on sharing group for 3 day 2 night and USD 270 on private trekking service, and also defent on varies number.

Deforestation is real problem on Lombok Island and trekking can save forest

Mount Rinjani Eco Tour and reforestation project package to Mount Rinjani that we provide, one banyan tree seed is included, why is it a banyan tree? because the tree is the mother of trees that can form forests and produce water.

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