Mount Rinjani Trekking Three Day Two Night - Adventure

Mount Rinjani Trekking Three Day Two Night

Mount Rinjani is an active volcano located on the Indonesian island of Lombok. It is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, with an elevation of 3,726 meters (12,224 feet) above sea level. The volcano is a popular destination for hikers and climbers, and many people choose to visit the area as part of a multi-day trek. It is possible to plan a 3-day, 2-night trip to Mount Rinjani, although the specific details and itinerary would depend on your individual preferences and the services offered by the tour company or guide that you choose. Some potential activities on a 3-day, 2-night trip to Mount Rinjani might include hiking to the summit of the volcano, visiting the hot springs and lakes at the base of the mountain, and exploring the surrounding Rinjani National Park.

Here are the details of the adventure that you can see if you climb this trekking package

Mount Rinjani 3 day 2 night  – Quick Fact

In this article you will learn (and see)

  1. All about Mount Rinjani
  2.  Difficulty of the hike
  3. The route overview
  4. What to wear and what to bring
  5. Best time to hike
  6. Other pro tips
This trekking will suit hikers who enjoy:
  • peace and quiet
  • open landscapes and big views from the top
  • Soak in natural Hot spring
  • Swim at Segara Anak Lake
  • Amazing sunset and sunrise from camping spot

All about Rinjani mountain

According to the Indonesian Volcanology site, Mount Rinjani is the third highest mountain after Puncak Jaya Wijaya and Mount Kerinci in Java, with a landscape that invites many tourists to want to climb Rinjani. And in fact the number of climbers for the 2022 period is increasing.

Rinjani -Rinjaniisme

Rinjani Trekking 3 day 2 night-Difficulty of the hike

To explore the side of Mount Rinjani is physically demanding, the steep climb makes climbing very intense on all sides, with a total distance of 27 km. in summer the terrain is dry and slippery at some points, as well as in the rainy season muddy roads are often found along the way up and down the mountain.

Rinjani 3d2n The route overview

The route throughout Rinjani is very complex, starting from the ground, sandy and rocky so you have to prepare trekking equipment especially shoes, shoes have a very important role for the success of your trekking. The journey will start from the east route, which is precisely in Sembalun village and end on the west side in Senaru village


Rinjani 3d2n – What to wear and what to bring during trekking

While it can get pretty cold in night time, you’ll start to feel hot as you hike, so layers of light clothing your best option.

You’ll need light layers that you can remove and carry with easy because you don’t want to be carrying around a heavy winter jacket and not end up needing it.

The only in night you need a warm cloth

Don’t worry about night cold we will prepare your camp with good tent, sleeping pad, and bag

And we suggest you to bring some bug spray, if you are want stay calm

Other pro tips

Make sure you choose a good trekking organizer, because they definitely have a team such as expert guides and porters for your comfort and safety during climbing, Rinjaniism is one of them if you intend to use our services, then we will make sure you will be with the best team to climb Rinjani , a team called black cobra is ready to accompany you during the climb.


Trekking Rinjani 3 Day 2 Night itinerary

Day 1. Arrival

The driver we have ordered will pick you up at the location where you are around Lombok island and deliver to the hotel where you book around Senaru or Sembalun village, we suggest you stay at Senaru because it will be easier for us to organize your trekking needs, meet with the guide and provide an short explanation  about climbing to rinjani

Day 2 Hiking up

Don’t miss your breakfast, because climbing on the first day requires more energy to consume body and soul, especially the soul because on the first day you need energy to connect with the rather difficult terrain of Mount Rinjani.

prepare yourself because our team will pick you up around 7.30 am and continue the journey to the starting point in Sembalun village for 45 minutes using a pickup truck, why Sembalun we will explain when you have arrived at our basecamp.

when you arrive at Sembalun because of this recent policy implemented by the national park visitors must check their health before climbing, but don’t worry because only blood pressure is checked, then the check-in process is at the Mount Rinjani National Park office.

climbing usually at an altitude of 950 meters for 5-6 hours climbing rocky hills, sand and hot weather in summer, make sure you bring a hat or protection from the sun, such as sunblock cream is highly recommended. if you do well, you can arrive at the basecamp around 4 pm, from here you can rest in the tent, and see the view of the mountain towards the peak, the craters and the river which is a stream of hot water.

your first night at this place, while the team (guide and porter) will prepare dinner, and provide the necessary information.

Day 3 Most Challenge day

on the third day it will be the most challenging day, tired and hard, how come you will walk for 12 hours with a total distance of 21.5 km, with the following trip details:

1. climb to the top
climbing to the top will start at midnight around 2 am climbing along steep, sandy hills and of course with the cold mountain weather, make sure you wear warm clothes and adequate trekking shoes, the trip to the top is normally 3-4 hours ascent with views that are fairly super you will feel proud to do it. and the descent track to campsite it take 2 hour

2. Go down to lake, and hot spring through 90 degres gradient valley

after climbing the peak, the journey will continue down the steep and rocky mountain for 3 km for 3 hours, make sure your steps are on a solid place because it has the potential to be very dangerous if you fall on this route.

tired ? Of course, but there are hot springs that you can dive into and rest your muscles by soaking in hot water. In addition, you can relax by Lake Segara Anak while eating lunch prepared by the team.

the climb is not finished before you arrive at Plawangan Senaru or Senaru crater rim for 3.5 hours, where usually the porters will set up camp for the second night, you have to climb a steep mountain as high as 600 meters, always be vigilant because this path is relatively dangerous when it rains because it often slides and on some Cases of falling stones are common. upon arrival at the camp you can enjoy a more complex view of your first night.

totally you will be walk on these day by 11-12 hours trackking

Day 4 descent to Senaru Village

yey.. we will go home

the fourth day is the end of the climb, you will go down the mountain through the hills and rain forest for 5 hours, make sure you have breakfast because not always climbing down is easy. in some cases sometimes people are more difficult to go down than up.

when you arrive at senaru village, our driver will pick you up at the final gate of mount rinjani national park and ready to take you to your next destination. now is the time to say goodbye to the guide and porter team, if you want to thank them then this is the right moment, like giving a tip, for example.

Thank you for visiting our website, and I hope you are interested in climbing to Rinjani to support the economy of local people who work as guides and porters.

Rinjani Three day trekking packages price

Rinjani 3 day trekking package rate in USD
Group Size Price/PAX
2 PAX 295 $
4 PAX 280 $
6 PAX 270 $
8 PAX 260$
10 – UP PAX 250 $

What’s included in Rinjani Package Price

1. Rinjani guide, that speaks English to show you the way, help you if you needed and arrange everything during journey
2. Porter to carry all the food and equipment all the way on mountain
3. Tent
4. Mattress and sleeping bag
5. Drinking water
6. 3x hot meals per day on the mountain (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
7. Hot drink (tea and coffee)
8. Cooking equipment carried by porter to cook all the food
9. Toilet and tent for the group
10. Land transportation to and from your initial location in Lombok
11. Entrance fee for the Rinjani National Park (RTC)
12. Trek insurance

What not included in rinjani trekking package price

1. Tips to the guide and porters
2. Trekking shoes, pants and jacket
3. Head lamp
4. Other personal expenses

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